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Vomitorsound. is a professional recording studio located between the hills and streems in the heart of europe  featuring the best of both vintage analog and modern digital tools. 

Analog , Digital or both

1.Digital way use DAW for edit mix and mastering .

2.Analog way mean use tape rocorder analog prcoesing and mixing.

3.Half on Half use the best from both worlds Edit record todaw with confortable and fast editing in high quality format and after fixeed all open points in DAW record track to tape recorder. You can get warmer not syntetic sound with full confort of DAW recording.


  • Tascam MSR16 multitrack tape recorder

  • MAC Pro5.1 6core XEON 

  • DAW Studio ONE 4.0 Profesional

  • Plugins iK Multimedia , Brainworx , Lexicon ...

  • Soundcraft Spirit 8

  • Presonus SL32 III digital console / recording interface

  • Presonus 16.4.2    digital console / recording interface

  • AKG C4000

  • 2x AKG C3000

  • 4x AKG D40

  • 2x AKG D112

  • 2x AKG C430

  • AKG C5

  • AKG D1200C

  • 2xSHURE SM57

  • 3xSHURE SM58

  • 2xEV 767

  • AudioTechnica AT2010

  • Sennheiser e609

  • Sennheiser e906

  • Sennheiser e602

  • 2x Se Elctronics R1 

  • Roland DS7

  • Dynaudio BM9

  • Beyerdynamic DT770Pro

  • 2xAKG K240

  • AKG K44, K77 K72

  • SPL GoldMike 9844  2ch Tube preamp

  • TL audio Ivory 5050  Tube preamp + compressor

  • ART ProChannel        Tube preamp + compressor

  • Klark Technik Square ONE 8ch compr/gate

  • Presonus ACP88                  8ch compr/gate

  • 2x DBX 266Xl                        2ch compr/gate

  • Line6 Pod X Pro                    Preamp / Amp simulator

  • Johnson J-Station                Preamp / Amp simulator

  • Behringer Tube UltraQ        2ch tube eq

  • Behringer Tube UltraFkex  2ch tube harmonic/soround proc

  • Behringer DSP 1600           2ch harmonic/soround proc

  • Peavey JSX                3ch 120W tubehead  6L6

  • Mesa Dual Rectifier  3ch 100W tubehead  6L6

  • ENGL PowerBall       3ch 100W tubehead  6L6

  • Marshall 6100LM      JCM800/900 3ch 100W tubehead 5881

  • Marshall TSL60         3ch 60W tubehead el34

  • Ashdown TonaMan 300  330W bass head

  • Trace Eliot RAH350SMX 350W bass head

  • Dynacord BA300       full valve bass head

  • Dynacord BC215       2x15 bass cab EVM15B / Kappa15PRO

  • Marshall 1960A         JMC900 G15T75/V30/Legend 1216

  • Marshall 1960A         JMC2000 G15T75/V30/Legend 1216

  • LAboga    412 H65CreamBack/H75GreenBack/Legend 1216

  • Pearl Prestige Session Selct Maple/Mahogany  

  • kick 22x17,5 toms 10x10 12x10 13x11 16x16  

  • Novation LounchKey49  Midi keyboard

  • Piano Dalibor model 135.

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