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  • Guitar heads

  • Peavey JSX                       3ch 120W tubehead  EL34

  • Mesa Dual Rectifier         3ch 100W tubehead  6L6

  • ENGL PowerBall              3ch 100W tubehead  6L6

  • Marshall 6100LM            JCM800/900 3ch 100W tubehead 5881

  • Marshall TSL60               3ch 60W tubehead EL34

  • Bass heads

  • Ashdown ToneMan 300  330W Bass head

  • Trace Eliot RAH350SMX 350W Bass head

  • Dynacord BA300             200W valve bass head EL34

  • Bass and Guitar cabinets

  • Ampeg SVT810 800E 8x10 legend 800W 4ohm Possible 2x400W 2x8Ohm

  • Dynacord BC800     2x15 bass cab 2xKappa15PRO -800W or 2x EVM15B-300W

  • Marshall 1960A      2xT75-uk 1xV30-uk 1xLegend1516

  • Marshall 1960A      2xT75-uk 1xV30-uk 1xLegend1516

  • Laboga 412 1xGreenBack M75-uk 1xCreamBack M65-uk 2xLegend 1516

  • Drum set

  • Pearl Prestige Session Selct Maple/Mahogany  

  • Kick 22x17,5 Toms 10x10 12x10 13x11 Floor tom 16x16  


  • DRUM SET WITHOUT HW No stands,seat.....Please prepare your cimbals on stands in back stage before move on stage. - Can save a time of your gig

  • In case of interest in concrete guitar head be free contact us forward

  • If you have not standart setup or you need some special preparation on stage please be free contact us for make enough time window in line up

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